What is a Pay Per Click Campaign?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click, as it's name implies, allows website owners to place advertisements on the search engine results pages. These advertisements are displayed when a relevant search term is entered by the end user.

There are many important factors to a successful PPC campaign to make Return On Investment (ROI) effective.
We offer a PPC management service, based around the following core principles:

Keyword Research
We review the likely keywords and phrases that the end user will use to find your product and service - and which ones will return the greatest ROI.

Enticing Advertisments
Why your advertisment...? By reviewing exactly what your potential customers want in the product or service on offer, we select highly enticing advertisments that will attract them to click on your ads - leading them straight to your website.

By setting up statistic reporting and tracking systems, we offer our clients weekly or monthly reports on exactly what is working for them.

Evolve and Refine
Through these monitoring processes, we are able to establish exactly which keywords are effective, producing good ROI.

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